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Bryan Lewis Saunders - 87 Dreams Of A Sociopath
[ · Download from mirror (VBR | Zip) ] 31.01.2010, 03:23

2010|File|Surrism Phonoethics|sPE_0008
[Field Recording, Speech, Poetry, Spoken Word]

Audio FilesFlac
Thing You Can Use1.10 MB
Question2.01 MB
Different Ways Of Talking6.75 MB
Guiterez2.93 MB
Panda Boy741 KB
Bryan-Lewis-Saunders_87_Dreams_of_a_Sociopath_06-Super_Hero.wav8.62 MB
Super Hero2.45 MB
The Little Kid Avenger4.46 MB
Risky Idea1.85 MB
Burn Mask3.14 MB
LA Truth3.50 MB
Kid Falls1.79 MB
Birth Control1.76 MB
Aisle Nine
Barbara1.99 MB
Turtles Head Came Off6.18 MB
Wild Dogs5.74 MB
They Faked It1.71 MB
Killed A Snake5.09 MB
Python536 KB
The Serpent1.76 MB
The Boarding House13 MB
Motive3.72 MB
The Photograph9.65 MB
Real Hassle4.44 MB
Missing1.71 MB
How You Shoot Someone18 MB
Peace And Quiet1.25 MB
Wesley Snipes9.23 MB
Pay To Play3.48 MB
The Stomping Killer2.08 MB
The Christie Swanson Murder9.60 MB
I Killed Somebody1.46 MB
Killed My Cousin7.84 MB
We Put Up A Good Fight2.39 MB
Compliance I4.45 MB
Compliance II3.47 MB
Knife Trouble4.03 MB
Cut You Up1.82 MB
Not Malicious Wounding2.68 MB
The Amputator18 MB
Stafford Sudinis Stuffacado2.24 MB
Serial Killer Button2.56 MB
My Robot Clone3.02 MB
John Sick1.04 MB
No Survivors8.06 MB
Fast Cats6.89 MB
The Cat With The Broken Legs7.31 MB
Man712 KB
Burger King6.05 MB
Slaughterhouse2.90 MB
The Bully
Boxing Ears9.89 MB
The Myspace Cookout3.56 MB
Recovery2.30 MB
Truth8.61 MB
Standards And Practices1.23 MB
Perversion Waves1.71 MB
One Two Screw And Screw1.38 MB
Pickup Line539 KB
Getting Laid3.87 MB
Sex With An Elephant2.51 MB
After I Had Sex1.03 MB
Jasper And Groin5.51 MB
Loose Skin988 KB
She Likes To Be Dominated899 KB
A Plate In My Heart1.24 MB
Bus Blowjobs6.29 MB
Strip Poker Records2.92 MB
Self Exposer17 MB
Public Thing2.88 MB
Stalker Web1.24 MB
Surveillance1.56 MB
The Thought Police1.33 MB
Spies845 KB
Insider Information2.02 MB
Shell Station4.64 MB
Mad At Lunesta2.88 MB
Campus Police2.58 MB
The Cheater1.17 MB
Execution Device7.84 MB
The Exit Steps3.42 MB
The Project1.37 MB
On The Run4.35 MB
Hiding From The Law705 KB
Eating At The Homeless Shelter12 MB
The Glass Window1.58 MB
Image FilesJPEG
Bryan Lewis Saunders - '87 Dreams of a Sociopath' (front)616 KB
Bryan Lewis Saunders - '87 Dreams of a Sociopath' (back)631 KB

Proudly Presents Bryan Lewis Saunders and his major spill!

‘87 Dreams Of A Sociopath’ a giant leap in time!
wearing microphones as pillow smiles, Bryan Lewis Saunders appears to be to most valuable sleeper
of the 87 shattered dream chambers attached to blankets of stellar quality,- we suffer jaw cramps!

This fine release of his also features an amazing E-Book (PDF) with Bryan’s Illustrations and collages starting from 1995-present.

"The following dream descriptions were recorded upon waking up between 2005-2009, and transcribed as poems in October 2009. The illustrations were completed from 1995 to present. All vocal recordings are considered fair use, for artists to use at will.” -Bryan Lewis Saunders

‘For my ‘Don Vague’ missions,
I would certainly choose Mr.Saunders
as appropriate Investigator & fellow traveler the next time we exhibit!’
-André Pissoir

‘Encountering Bryan Lewis Saunders, was like being tied to notion
as leaving the house, watering the bed, proofing eyelid environments, and being not even available -
i don't know, it just had me as the lights went out!’
-Lester Béton
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