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Autonomous Individuals Network · File, MP3, Mixed, Comp, 320 · 2012 · US 
[ Noise, Abstract, Lo-Fi, Free Improvisation, Dark Ambient, Field Recording, Experimental]

OLD FOX HOLE - Teeth (Saint-Petersberg,Russia)
THEE PSIONIC ASSEMBLY - I grow weary ov wearing this skin (Elizabethtown,KY,usa)
JOLTHROWER - 23 Ounces (Wetplanet)
CHAD E. WILLIAMS with PATRICK MORING - Unfinished Dialog #1 - Untitled, Of Course (Sacramento,CA,usa)
THE IMPLICIT ORDER - A Ritual For Cleansing This House (Smilax,KY,usa)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Ground Cover (Costa Mesa,CA,usa)
HOLLYWOOD VIDEO GAME KILL-BOT - Rational Thinking (Lennox,CA,usa)
DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Terok Nor (Leipzig, Germany)
DJ PC93 - de arte majica (Casselberry,FL,usa)
LOOPOOL - a Sultry thought (Los Angeles,CA,usa)
THICKLY PAINTED WALLS - 23 Seconds In The Closet (New Jersey,usa)
FREQUENCY 75 - Trib (Doerverden, Germany)
THE EDGE OF NINE - ShortBurst (Toronto,Ontairo,Canada)
ANTON MOBIN - k23oo (Paris, France)
M.A.R. - Babylon (Hampshire, UK)
ONE INFINITE LOOP - Xaos Cluster (Medford,OR,usa)
CORRODED MASTER - I Am(23 Seconds Ov Time Version) (Sacramento,CA,usa)
LA SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE - A Cede Ohmmeter Floor Smut (Louisville,KY,usa)
OV LOVE AND HATE - 23 Seconds (Fairbanks,AK,usa)
JASON P. DOHERTY - Moloch23 (Skiatook,OK,usa)
INSTAGON - Invokation ov Bintoxanda (Sacramento,CA,usa)
FECAL FETAL - A Watery Grave of Slimy Embrace
CATHARTECH - tin goat icons (Seattle,WA,usa)
HAARK - Soylent Black(Has Only One Calorie!) (Melbourne,Australia)
FREQUENCY 452 - Terror Hero (Medford,OR,usa)
STRUKTUR - Bent2.3 (France) [...]
In Lossy | Views: 1289 | Downloads: 232 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 15.12.2012 | Comments (0)

2011| File|Not On Label (L.E.A.K. Self-released)|none
[Dark Ambient]

Старослушатели мрачных сфер наверняка помнят шведский проект Heid, подвизавшийся в районе Cold Meat Industry и записавший пару хмурых пластинок эталонной скандинавщины. После распада Heid его бывших гудельщиков потянуло во все тяжкие. Кристиан Ульссон увлёкся соцпротестом да политагитацией и затряс пропагандистскими тряпками силовой электроники (Survival Unit), чем и достучался до сочувствующих левацких сердец, а остальные хейдовцы переключились на гнетущую и зловещую электроакустику – с чем и благополучно канули в лету. [...]
In Lossy | Views: 1324 | Downloads: 231 | Added by: snatch | Date: 30.09.2012 | Comments (0)

2012| MP3, 320 kbps |Nostalgie De La Boue|ndlb5
[Industrial, Experimental]


Scuffle 23:23


"Scuffle" was originally planned as a commemorative version of Thulé Apocalypse (1999-2009) from Old Europa Cafe (as a complementary mini-CD). The title is a montage around contemporary material circa Thulé Apocalypse and Compendium period. The track was of 19 minutes length including multiple phased sequences. The 23 minutes version has been specially mixed for the current on-line edition. The attached booklet is also an unpublished early Pacific 231 document dating from the Unusual Perversions era (due to cost reason, the printed complement was phased-out).

In Lossy | Views: 913 | Downloads: 266 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 21.01.2012 | Comments (2)

2011 | MP3 | Entity Netlabel | [NTT064]
[Noise, Experimental]

Ryukau (Takamitsu Endo) graces Entity Netlabel with his "Selected Rooms", a harsh noise EP infused with bits of soothing ambient!
Featuring stunning artwork by Nick Nenov.
In Lossy | Views: 1368 | Downloads: 263 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 24.10.2011 | Comments (0)

[Freestyle, Abstract, Noise ]

2011 | MP3-320kbps | Crónica | Crnicast082

A calling card for UN, a hybrid collective somehow led by Anselmo Canha, Heitor Alvelos and José Maria Lopes. Its claimed mission is the reversal of all things deserving of reversal: literally, metaphorically and magically. Watch out for the greatest hits of all time sung backwards some time in the near future — a homage to long-held myths of satanic backmasking from the golden age of vinyl. [...]

In Lossy | Views: 1588 | Downloads: 267 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

[Glitch, Noise, Drone, Bastard Noise Postpop Extravaganza]

Buttress O'Kneel's headline gig in the (carpark of the) National Gallery of Australia in 2010, as part of the legendary Digital Jam event.

At this event, which was advertised as a '4 Hour Party', Buttress did her very best to play as little danceable music as possible, concentrating more on destroying her classic songs, and turning pop music into incredibly loud glitchy drones of shuddering eargasm. [...]
In Lossy | Views: 4648 | Downloads: 204 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 20.01.2011 | Comments (0)

2010 | MP3 | Touch | TouchRadio57
[Field Recording, Drone, Minimal]

Zound Delta was made at a residency with the European Sound Delta Project in 2009. The sounds were recorded from the mouth of the Danube River at the Black Sea, - to about 200km upstream, at Russe Bulgaria. In Russe, there was a festival, and the finished piece was played. There were boats (Belgian barges outfitted as living boats) starting at the mouth of the Danube and the Rhine Rivers, with changing residents, for several months. [...]

In Lossy | Views: 2114 | Downloads: 126 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 01.12.2010 | Comments (0)

2005 | MP3 | Trastienda | none
[Dark Ambient]

Turnavel borns in 2003 with the autorelease of his first record. Allergic to live shows and in love with neoclasicism, decimononic romanticism and german expresionism, Turnavel performed then different styles from dark ambient to instrumental neoclasicism. After taking part in the compilation My Dear Freaks with his song The Dragons Breath, Turnavel shows Trastienda his new single, Ausklang. Two songs with difusse textures, more organic and less synthetic. We could even talk about post-dark ambient, as he forgets melodies and looks for new sensations through hypnotic repetitions. The perfect original soundtrack for a Robert Weine film.

In Lossy | Views: 1094 | Downloads: 175 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 30.11.2010 | Comments (0)

2010 | MP3 | Crónica | Crnicast066
[Abstract, Musique Concrète, Experimental, Ambient]

In summer 2005 we spend a week doing outdoor recordings in Innsbruck. Our goal is to create a composition of and with city sounds. The geographical situation of the city nourishes the idea behind the composition… Nestled in the Inntal valley, closed off to the north by the Nordkette mountain chain, in the south by highlands and Patscherkofel peak. [...]

In Lossy | Views: 935 | Downloads: 138 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 03.11.2010 | Comments (3)

2010|MP3|Clinical Archives|ca362
[Free Jazz, Noise, Avantgarde, Experimental]

Yoko Absorbing Band:
Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Moscow) - music, guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, programming, sounds
Mikhail Lezin (Togliatti) - music, guitars, bass, keyboards, Synth "Rhythm 2", percussion, programming, sounds

Feat. another musicians:
Konstantin Guro - sax, drums
Alexey Karmanov - rhythm guitar

Recorded: 2009 Togliatti - Moscow [...]
In Lossy | Views: 1074 | Downloads: 153 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 16.10.2010 | Comments (0)

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