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Meat Parade / Rubber Muffin - African Bee's Multicoloured Waste Management Facility
[ · Download from mirror (MP3 | VBR) ] 03.10.2010, 03:15

2010 | CDr | D-Trash Records | DTRASH135
[Abstract, IDM, Breakcore, Hardcore, Gabber]


1   Hey Turquoise Dudeface, Sorry, I'm Not Gonna Make It Out Tonight, I'm A Dick, But I'm A Dick Who Loves You 3:45
2   Ania Zolnierowicz's Conversational Blue Balls 3:39
3   Gold Plated 30 Free Minutes Of Porn Coupons 3:58
4   Neon Brown Soap Scum Flowers 1:54
5   Fluorescent Magma Jungle Urethra (Picture Yourself Riding A Horse, But The Horse Isn't A Horse He's A Rocket Horse) 2:59
6   Oprah Winfrey's Three Rs At The Waste Management Facility Including A Fabulous Platinum Pyramid Outro (Live) 3:17
7   Bonk Nenenenene Clap Bezenenene Boom Namananaha Purple Summer Smash 3006662012X AD 3:10
8   Montreal Ate My Dog But Silver Portuguese Triangle Godesses Brought Him Back 4:33
9   Diamond Furnace Room Dijon Crust Soup Diamond Diamond 4:46
10   Mr. Pony's Rapid Black Death To Rhubarb (Ghetto Village Mix) 4:16
11   Céline Dion's Seafoam Green Undergarments 2:57
12   The Harlequin Byproduct Of Patience 4:31

Africanbee's Multicolored Waste Management Facility is the fruit of Meat Parade + Rubber Muffin's blood, sweat and elbow grease.
Africanbee's Multicolored Waste Management Facility will (starting now) be referred to as AMWMF.
AMWMF is fecal matter wrapped in a CD case or data folder.
AMWMF was conceived from a vast collection of recycled/shared audio works from 2005 to the present.
AMWMF's blueprints consist of a series of distorted cut/copy/paste sound experimentation collages.
AMWMF may cause constipation/drowsiness/laughter/dizziness/erections lasting more than 7 hours/foaming anal leakage/severe hunger/temporary amnesia/euphoric day dreams/incoherent dancing/insatiable curiosity/loss of hair/temporary blindness/overwhelming happiness/chafing/eardrum cancer/involuntary karate chop spasm action/temporary torettes syndrome/diarrhea/discoloring of the skin/abdominal swelling/frustrated confusion/irregular menstrual cycles/unwanted abortion/suicidal depression/loss of faith/incurable addiction.
AMWMF is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind.
AMWMF has the potential to severely injure or even cause death.
AMWMF might be a victim of software counterfeiting.
AMWMF might be a victim of copyright infringement.
AMWMF has broken eight speakers, six computers, two midi-controllers, and one partridge in a pear tree. (!!!)
AMWMF is good for the environment and O.K. for you.
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