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Sleep Chamber - Sexmagick Ritual
28.09.2009, 04:12

Label:    Inner-X-Musick
Catalog#:    none
Format:    Cassette, Limited Edition
Country:    US
Released:    1987
Style:    Industrial, Experimental
Credits:    Performer - Darline Victor , John Zewizz , Lawrence Van Horn , Malcom Smith , Richard Geller
Notes:    2000 copies produced.

A1           Seduction
A2           Nessus
A3           The Beast
A4           Weapons Ov Magick
A5           Into The Abyss
A6           Twenty Three
B1           Flesh Trixsen

"Obviously one ov the darker sides of SLEEPCHAMBER.  The band waz in kaos at every possible level; drugs, magick, relationships, and musickal directions... (so what's new?).  Strange things were everyday occurrences,   An obscure energy waz surrounding the whole SLEEP concept.  It took awhile for me to realize what waz going on.  If I didn't set a direction fast I would continues to loose band members into a vortex ov underground surrealism.  A lifestyle ov sex & drugs with self-righteous individual attitudes to defend the whole package.  Important changes were happening.  Band members were unstable.  The musick waz at this stage bekumming a lifestyle.  From this tie period on SLEEPCHAMBER would no longer be a band but an on going manifesto.  The cross over from musick to magick waz at an all time high.  Everyone waz into experimenting with their own concept ad ideals ov magick.  The Crowley influence waz getting a bit heavy.   I didn't like the commercial aspect ov Crowley.  I  didn't want to limit the concept ov SLEEPCHAMBER to a pop idol or image.  The press at waz focusing more on our tactics than our musick.  We were being feared instead of admired.  We were being rejected by the whole alternative musick scene.  We weren't 'punk' and now not even 'industrial'.  Just a band without category.  Which you need to be interview or written about.... its a point ov interest I guess?  We became outcasts.  the press iz not interested in what they can't catalog or effect thru their 'power-ov-the-pen'.  I think we were to far out or too serious about ourselves  The material was rekorded live on WZBC radio (live FM broadcast).  "NESSUS' iz from a rekording session in '86 where we were doing 'BABES OV BABYLON '.  Most ov the track iz taken from the song 'HER SECOND SKIN', backwards without the drums.  'TWENTY THREE' iz an early track probably from 1983.  It fit the material perfectly... so I included it.  The other tracks were rekorded at an 8-track studio.  The were practically jam sessions during a hash smoking night.  The cassette release haz longer versions ov some ov the tracks.  The CD iz also different.  I think it haz material non on the L or cassette?  I waz proud ov theze trax.  They were complex and dark.  Parts rekorded into 'FLESH TRIXSEN' were rekorded previously during a ritual invokation and contain captured magckal results."

- John Zewizz

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