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[Abstract, Drone, Noise, Ambient]
2007|MP3+Shorten|Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms|tlhotra008

Live session performed at the Elektrogönner club in Vienna, January 2007.

Clemens Hausch is not just one of many experimental musicians. He knows how he wants his music to sound and knows how to do it. Broken is a live session performed January 2007 by Clemens Hausch at the elektrogönner club in Vienna. The session is divided in three parts. The first part: Movement 1 / static, raises the imagination with a warm droning atmosphere. One of the few actual samples in the session is used here. Listen for the pad sound!
The second part: Movement 2 / moor, distinguishes some very original bell like sounds run through different effects. This is done with frequency divisions of simple saw waves (manually edited into more complex waves during the course of the session) and treated with various effects like filters, resonators, etc...The result is very original, light and airy, and makes you start wonder and discern the uniqueness of Clemens Hauschs niche in music composition.
The third and last part: Movement 3 / lift, combines the two previously parts and builds up to a crescendo. It might be a cliché to say, but in this case it's true: after listening to "broken" you wished you were there! But if you weren't, well... you know what to do!

Clemens Hausch lives in Vienna, Austria and at the moment doing his architectural diploma on (virtual and real) aural space. He is also busy performing live with music and designing interactive installations. [...]
In Lossless | Views: 1473 | Downloads: 360 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 24.09.2011 | Comments (0)

[Glitch, Noise, Drone, Bastard Noise Postpop Extravaganza]

Buttress O'Kneel's headline gig in the (carpark of the) National Gallery of Australia in 2010, as part of the legendary Digital Jam event.

At this event, which was advertised as a '4 Hour Party', Buttress did her very best to play as little danceable music as possible, concentrating more on destroying her classic songs, and turning pop music into incredibly loud glitchy drones of shuddering eargasm. [...]
In Lossy | Views: 4647 | Downloads: 203 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 20.01.2011 | Comments (0)

[Abstract, Experimental, Free Improvisation]

Christian Fennesz & Max Nagl - live at Amann Studios, Vienna on 22nd December 2004 at 2200 hrs

Christian Fennesz and the renowned Viennese composer and saxophone player Max Nagl met at the studio during one of the studio's recent live recording sessions and spontaneously decided to do a show together. Originally intended as a secret gig, the details were leaked to a newspaper and a rammed studio witnessed a memorable live event...

With thanks to Christoph Amann for making this possible, and for mastering the recording

Part of the TouchRadio mp3 series, available from touchradio.org.uk and via the TouchPod iTunes podcast.

Comes without cover artwork.

In Lossy | Views: 984 | Downloads: 108 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 01.11.2010 | Comments (0)

2010|  AIFF | Not On Lable | none
[Experimenta, Noise, Ambient, Glitch

This recording of ‘Alpha’ was performed on the 5th of May at the E82 Entr’acte record release event. The recording is a 21-minute performance made with digital sound files from the original electronic work Alpha E82. The artists Lee Gamble, John Wall, Oliver Fay, Piers Martin,Shelly Parker, Sheikh Ahmed and Filter Feeder all participated in the event.
In Lossless | Views: 3576 | Downloads: 201 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 31.10.2010 | Comments (0)

2005 | CD | Troniks | TRO187

Recorded Live At Camp Blood, 2004.

[...] Немного рассказав об участниках, перейду к диску, изданному на одном из интереснейших шумовых лэйблов Troniks. Хотя, много о нем не расскажешь. CD содержит небольшую по хронометражу запись совместного живого выступления. 18 минут безудержной, бьющей через край энергии! Постоянно мутирующий, хрустящий и расцветающий разноцветными коллажами звуковой поток. Абстрактный харш без какой либо идеи, замысла и концепции. Без социальных подтекстов и прочего гона. Безбожное насилие над гитарными педалями и разными примочками плюс время от времени вырывающиеся из под шумового варева вопли. Словно бешеную обезьяну посадили в раскаленную клетку. [...]
In Lossy | Views: 1300 | Downloads: 87 | Added by: snatch | Date: 20.10.2010 | Comments (0)

[Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz]

Sound Unity Festival, Cuando Center, New York City, NY 1984-05-31
In Lossy | Views: 1921 | Downloads: 87 | Added by: snatch | Date: 13.10.2010 | Comments (0)

2010 | MP3-VBR / AIFF | Surrism Phonoethics | sPE_0042
[Abstract, Musique Concrète, Noise, Experimental]

Improvised live to DAT at the Headquarters, Toronto July 1, 2001.

Based in Toronto, Canada and formed by multidisciplinary artist W.A.Davison in 2000 from the ashes of the former junk instrument project Urban Refuse Group, Six Heads is an ensemble of six instrument-builders and sound experimenters dedicated to exploring the rarely trodden territory of surrealist sound collage - aware of the trails previously blazed by other audio surrealists but charting their own path by means of free improvisation, homemade instruments, and live mixing as opposed to studio manipulation/composition.
In Lossless | Views: 781 | Downloads: 205 | Added by: cordell666 | Date: 19.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Sunday 16 May 2010 at 8:30pm

In Lossy | Views: 744 | Downloads: 106 | Added by: snatch | Date: 10.06.2010 | Comments (0)

Merzbow live at FLUC, Vienna, 18 May 2010.

01-Part 1 24:50
02-Drum Solo 2:58
03-Part 2 24:42
In Lossy | Views: 819 | Downloads: 118 | Added by: snatch | Date: 10.06.2010 | Comments (0)

2009 | Cassette | Not Not Fun Records | NNF149CS
[Freestyle, Krautrock, Abstract]

Recorded live at various locations in Winter 2008. Pro-dubbed tapes with hand-painted labels. Edition of 100.

In Lossy | Views: 781 | Downloads: 95 | Added by: snatch | Date: 21.05.2010 | Comments (0)

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